Course curriculum


  • Why should I take this course?

    You should enroll in this course if you are curious, determined, disciplined, and ready to make positive change in your career, switch jobs, learn something you’ve always been interested in, or help others. This course is also a great way to network with fellow students through course discussions. This course is open to anyone interested in the topic, from beginners to professionals. Don’t take this course if you are looking for a quick and easy way to cheat hard work. This course isn’t designed to make you an expert in the field without taking other courses, but it will help you on your journey. Professionals who are already well advanced and highly qualified in the content area may not find this course beneficial to advancing their knowledge.

  • Is there a course completion certificate?

    Yes! Verified course achievement certificates are provided to students who complete 100% of the course and achieve at least an 80% achievement on course quizzes. Extra participation in the hands-on activities are voluntary, not graded, and do not count toward course completion. Course achievement certificates are secure and verifiable. If you need help downloading your course completion certificate, a name change/correction, please email for help.

  • How is this course delivered?

    This course is delivered online, through a learning management platform. Courses are divided into lessons, delivered all at once or over the course of a few weeks. Each course varies in the length of time required to complete each lesson. Lessons include a variety of text-based learning, lectures, videos, audio files, PDF documents, and other links. Some lessons include student discussion areas, learning self-checks, graded quizzes, optional student surveys, and additional activities to be completed outside of the course.

  • What course follow-up can I expect?

    We love to keep in contact with our students. Please consider subscribing to our email lists, maintaining contact through our social media pages, or through direct email with the instructor/s. Let us know how you’re doing, what lessons you’ve been able to use, what was/wasn’t so great about the course, and how we can improve. Advanced courses (like the Hurricane Emergency Management MasterClass or the Global Crisis Management course) include a discovery call and personalized feedback on students’ organizational work or programs. This service can also be added to other courses. If you’re taking a course and want to talk about how the course can be applied to your work through a joint project or consulting, we’d love to chat about it! Email to schedule a discovery call.

  • What makes Cascia different?

    We embrace change. We like innovation but we love disruption. We firmly believe there is a better way to do things and we’re trying to get there every single day. When I first started taking online courses, the content was physically mailed via a CD-ROM and the course exam was online. I would get a paper certificate in the mail a few weeks later. Sounds like 1995? Nope, it was 2005. Too often, formal institutions were left in the technological dust. Even though the course content was perfect, the delivery was clunky and cumbersome. Learning isn’t supposed to be frustrating or require an entire “how to” manual for the logistics. We use lessons from super organizations like Khan Academy, Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare, and dozens of others to keep learning easily accessible, readily applicable, actually useful, and, yes, even a little fun.